VI International Congress of the Rheumatic Orthopedics Association

On July 17-18, 2022, Fidia Russia took part in the VI International Congress of the Association of Rheumo-Orthopedists.
The event was held in a combined format: face-to-face format with online broadcast.
Over 1000 specialists attended the event in 2 days (in person and online)
As part of the event, a report was presented “The patient is shown arthroplasty. What are the alternatives? How to help the patient? (Makarov M.A., President of the Association of Rheumoorthopedists, Senior Researcher at the Center for Rheumoorthopedics and Rehabilitation of the V.A. Nasonova Research Institute of Rheumatology, Candidate of Medical Sciences (Moscow) with the support of Fidia Russia with online broadcast. Report listened to more than 200 experts.

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