V International Congress of the Rheumatic Orthopedics Association

On September 17-18, 2021, Fidia Russia took part in the V International Congress of the Rheumatic Orthopedics Association.
The event was held in a combined format: face-to-face format with online broadcast.

For 2 days, the event was attended by about 1000 specialists (in person and online).

Within the framework of the event, a report was presented "How to prolong the life of a joint in case of a meniscus injury?" (Sergey S. Kopenkin, PhD, Associate Professor of the
Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, N.I. specialists.

The report highlighted the importance of preserving the meniscus, which can be helped by Fidia's products, in particular Haimovis. To date, Fidia Pharma's products have the largest evidence base, which helps specialists make the right choice.

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Drawing on the strengths of the parent company, Fidia Pharma Russia product portfolio focalizes primarily on joint healthcare.

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