Fidia Farmaceutici is a privately held, fully integrated Italian multinational company, with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales capabilities. The company was founded in 1946, corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Abano Terme, on the ourtskirts of Padova, Northern Italy.
Fidia's overall objective is establishing its leadership, through an extensive product portfolio mainly based on hyaluronic acid (HA), in joint care, wound care, ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine and autologous biological therapy, thereby providing patients and healthcare professionals with a variety of treatment options, such a pharmaceutical products, medical devices and food supplements. Over 55 years of R&D have placed Fidia at the forefront in the production of natural and functionalized HA, with difererent ranges of molecular weight (nearly 1.100 patents).

Manufacturing operations - located in Italy - are inspected and approved by major international health authorities, including the US and Korean FDA, the Brazilian ANVISA and G-MED Notified Body, and comply with the strictest international regulations and safety standards.

Due to its unparalleled experience over the years and investments in the development of in-house manufacturing, the company is able to provide a complete production process, from the active pharmaceutical ingredient to ready-to-use finished dosage forms, guaranteeing that all stages are equally closely controlled and carefully certified.

The result is high-quality products, highly competitive prices and increasingly specific know-how.

- Unparalleled experience in in-house manufacturing
- Increasingly specific know-how
- High-quality product
- Extensive product portfolio

Farmaceutici S.p.A.

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Key Business Areas

Drawing on the strengths of the parent company, Fidia Pharma Russia product portfolio focalizes primarily on joint healthcare.

Fidia Pharma Russia is focused on providing consumers with innovative products that offer quality, safety and performance.