Fidia Pharma Russia

Our objective is to become a reliable partner for all the users of our products in the respective therapeutic areas. We constantly strive for this goal, consistently with our commitment to help the company maintain its outstanding quality levels, with competence, passion and dedication.

Fidia has more than 55 years of experience in research, development and commercialization of products based on Hyaluronic Acid.

In 2016, we started operating in the Russian market, initially focusing on the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with an innovative product portfolio. We expect other areas to follow in the next few years. We work in close collaboration with international experts, on the basis of large experience and great knowledge.

The Moscow-based Fidia Pharma Russia subsidiary maintains contacts with healthcare professionals and scientific societies throughout Russia, in order to bring new treatment options to patients and healthcare providers, thereby improving the patients’ quality of life.

The opening of Fidia Pharma Russia, in addition to the other international subsidiaries in USA, Germany, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Egypt and the Middle East, represents an additional step in the company's internationalization plan, a higher penetration of Fidia's products in the Russian market and a more direct, stronger contribution to the spreading and widening of Italian research and industrial excellence worldwide.

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Key Business Areas

Drawing on the strengths of the parent company, Fidia Pharma Russia product portfolio focalizes primarily on joint healthcare.

Fidia Pharma Russia is focused on providing consumers with innovative products that offer quality, safety and performance.