Hyaluronic acid sodium salt (Hyalectin®)

HYALGAN is the only product approved as a drug among hyaluronic acid-based medical products for intra-articular administration.

HYALGAN has more than 10 years’ experience in Russia and over 30 years’ experience worldwide, and its effectiveness has been established by strong and extensive clinical evidence.
HYALGAN is a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid-based product (500-730 kDa). Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid-based products have anti-inflammatory properties and facilitate joint recovery (viscoinduction), in addition to the common viscosupplementation effects observed with high molecular weight HA products.

HYALGAN is injected into the affected joint once a week, over a period of 5 weeks. If necessary, additional injections can be administered.

The administration of Hyalgan may only be carried out by qualified physicians.

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